About Summer

My name is Summer, and that’s my real name not my porn name. I exist in relative contentment in a tiny town in Baja Georgia, otherwise known as

selfie selfie
selfie selfie

the westernmost point on the east coast. I’m divorced, three kids, three guns, two pets. I’ve been writing this blog in one form or another since 2001, back when I hand coded an HTML page for every single entry, and comment forms were in a server hosted “guestbook”. Let’s not talk about how much fun we had creating blinking headers and embedding midi files on our blogs.

I write a lot about my children, but the one who sued her school district with the ACLU when they violated her civil rights (and won- don’t mess with the GSA, Nassau County!) doesn’t get much press here because she likes her privacy and teenagers don’t do much that’s cute and bloggable. When she does something bloggable though, she goes all out. (see below post re: me almost killing a dude, or google “hannah page ACLU” for something that comes down more in her favor.)

Sometimes I consider myself a writer, but mostly I’m here to write and document our lives and post photographs. I actually did some soul searching on this subject recently and wrote about it. I decided that maybe this is just a diary after all.

Thanks for visiting sicker than others.


5 thoughts on “About Summer

  1. Hey you.
    You are an amazing writer and life processor. I didn’t realize how much we relate. You have inspired me to possibly consider blogging, although I know so little about internet land. For instance, I don’t really grasp how a blog functions or whether you will definitively receive this message. I miss you.

    I have becoming a running freak too 😉


    1. I received it! I look for my comments, and you’ll have to let me know if you got an email notification that this one came as a reply. (testing a new feature) Miss you too, and you should call. We need to talk running.


  2. Hi Summer..I was wondering if your parents are Randy an Deena Page..perhaps page is your married name though..if so I have the wrong person..and there is another Summer Page out there!


    1. Actually no, we don’t have a Randy or Deena in the family! So that’s really funny that there’s another Summer Page out there. If you find her, send her over to say hi to me! And if I ever find her, I’ll give her your email.


  3. Born and raised in the suburbs of Atlanta – mostly gwinnett county – and now live near The Mall of Ga. I’ve never heard of Baja, Ga and I freaking love maps.



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