Love banished the other half of my heart
Terrified, my heart cried out into the darkness
Her small voice lost in the wind
She stood rooted to the ground at the end of the drive
Suffocating beneath the night sky

As a song of rage flowed between love and the knight
Plants, orphaned by their smashed pots gasped for breath beneath my tiny feet
I was a statue in the cold, anchored to the sagging boards of the porch.

An ocean rolled down the cheeks of my knight and then
I watched his retreating figure grow smaller
As he trudged, determined, down the drive
Through the weapons flung angrily to the ground by love

In my tattered nightgown I waited
Until larger he grew on the horizon
Cradling the other half of my heart

Stone turned to jelly as my legs scrambled for purchase;
I finally tumbled into the bed where carefully my knight had tucked my heart under the covers.
Then he
Kissed us both on the forehead and whispered, “apart? never!”


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