Celica Leigh.

Hannah’s actions and decisions make me sad sometimes. For long stretches I wonder how she’ll ever make it in the world.

But she is also the person through whom I have had the opportunity to know true awe and pride. (You might not know that Hannah fought and won a complicated lawsuit against the Nassau County School Board when they denied her the right to start a Gay Straight Alliance at her middle and high schools. The case went on for a couple of years and even when the high school case was settled, Nassau County intended to take Hannah to trial over her middle school discrimination case.

In the end, a settlement was reached. Would you want to go up against this woman on a witness stand?

You can see Hannah on Penn N Teller’s “Bullcrap” in the following clip, starting at 1:44, putting it out there what attacking her on the witness stand would net those guys. Smart move, Nassau County.

On Saturday I watched my daughter bring her baby girl into the world free of painkillers, intervention, and most of all free of fear. She was a fierce warrior and at one point even exclaimed irritably, “I got this” when I tried to manage her.

Here is Celica Leigh.  She came into the world surrounded by love and Hannah’s chosen family, in the home that Hannah has made for herself and her family. She weighed 8 lbs and 8 ounces and was 21 inches long.


4 thoughts on “Celica Leigh.

    1. Celica Leigh! ❤ ~ ❤ She is so very lovely!
      It is natural for us to be concerned about the actions and decisions our children make, because we want to protect them from the pain and suffering we'd experienced when we were their age, and we made (what may have turned out to be) poor choices.
      But, defining those "poor choices" is so subjective.
      For example, my mother is one of the sweetest, kindest women I know. But, we don't share the same values across the board. She has a different value system, but it works splendidly, for her. She believes that affluence equals opportunity. (Which it most definitely does ~ but, I am not interested in the type of shallow relationships that I believe result from that philosophy.) That doesn't make my mother a "bad" person, or an elitist snob…we just disagree on that matter, and I will never change her mind – nor will she ever agree with my perspective
      My mother used to joke with me by saying, "You could be in a room full of doctors and lawyers, and you'd fall for the guy who was there to fix the air conditioning!"
      And, she is absolutely right. And, I am absolutely right, also.
      Peace & Blessings & LoveLoveLove to You and Hannah and Celica!


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