Damn Kids Get Off My Lawn

I’m a crapty liberal. So to speak.

I started this post about seven times. I was planning to write eloquently a post about crap, about how today I stood ankle deep in it while my dad took the lion share of a wave while I got merely splashed with it- someone else’s crap, mind you and not the crap of my flesh and blood. I’m no stranger to being touched by feces that didn’t come from my own body I mean I’m a mother after all and I pushed three children from my body from one hole or another both man made and not.

Eloquent may not be on the menu for today, because what I find as I sit down to write is that what I feel like is a conservative. A big, fat, stay off my lawn and out of my stuff conservative and I’m unnerved by that sensation.

I say this for two reasons:

1) Homeless teenagers broke into an RV that we don’t even really own but that is in our care, so to speak, and lived in it during the coldest part of the season. And crap in it.  My liberal brain says “oh, come on! They were cold! You would deny them a place to sleep?” and my conservative brain that spent my whole fudgeing day cleaning up their crap says “yep. The risk of offering them a place to stay is too great. They are homeless for a reason, and in this case that reason is clear” My liberal brain argues back “well I would not stop doing nice things because of one bad event” as my conservative brain chambers a round.


2) The reason we were cleaning out the RV at all today (even though we would have had to do this project anyway, justifies my dad after he missed a day of work) was that we offered it to a homeless family. So he came over this morning, towed it to the power pole, wired it to power and hooked it to water, which is when we found out about crapapaloza.

And now they aren’t planning to say here this weekend or possibly at all, and it is 3 p.m. and they just called to let me know. Except the dog is still here in the dogloo we set up for him and I’ve been feeding and playing with him and I don’t want a dog and I also don’t want an RV in my yard and I didn’t want to spend my day setting it up for guests, either. Yesterday my dad was on his way here at 6 p.m. to get the RV set up for them when I called THEM to find out if they were coming back here (after they did their laundry and dropped of their dog) and found out they were staying at the shelter.

And I just want to say “Are you serious? After I did ALL THIS WORK? DON’T YOU KNOW WHAT I GAVE UP FOR YOU? DON’T YOU VALUE MY TIME?”

Except the answer of course, is no. And that’s not the point, as my dad will remind me.

Here’s what my conservative self did right today though: While my dad was running an errand (getting the wire to hook the trailer up for the people who WON’T BE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF OUR GENEROSITY THIS WEEKEND (but I am not bitter about my dad missing work and us standing ankle deep in a pond of crap today.) I ran over three miles barefoot on my treadmill while listening to the Classic Hip Hop channel on Pandora. I squeezed in a few minutes. Baby steps, I guess.


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