Well. Travelogue and picture essay to follow but first I want to post mini picture essay of our fly-by at Onamission’s house where there were kids! and there was coffee. Oh, the sweet combination of kids and coffee and snow and Ona. A rescue tonic if ever there was one.

I knew the first 15 minutes that Ona’s clan descended upon our log cabin during the Great South Florida evacuation of 2005 that I could spend unlimited minutes in their company and ever since then murphy’s law has dictated that no matter what, we are never allowed more than an hour or two together. But that’s OK, I suppose it just makes us love each other more.

The Averys had fun in the snow, the teenagers circled each other like coyotes until the last 10 minutes we were there, and Jack amused himself with trucks as usual. I thought Michael might have a heart attack at 35 when Reina took Avery up the church hill and taught her how to zip up her jacket and slide down head first, but he rallied and really her face slowed her down quite a bit.

I didn’t take enough pictures. We didn’t have enough time!


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