couch to 5K progress and a rave this time

Blah Blah Blah I run 3.1 miles now without breaking a sweat (LIE) blah blah it’s all barefoot all the time now unless I’m outside (I haven’t earned my hardcore barefoot runner badge either, Andrea!) and there I wear Vibrams but soon I’ll graduate to socks if it’s daylight and I’m in the Little Boxdivision.

I guess you could say I’m on week 8 of c25k but I think we can go ahead and mark it a win. I run 5K. My time is ridiculous. My knees have not hurt since I stopped wearing shoes. I was worried that putting on the Vibram FF’s would cause me to re-injure, and I can see how it might eventually becuase I was lazy at the end last night. Had I not had them on, would have scraped the skin off the toes of my left foot from not lifting it high enough, but I think mixing training between bare and FF’s will prepare me adequately for any races I might want to do in the far future when I can run a 5K in less time than it takes to cook a thanksgiving turkey. Someday…


My local coffee guy just rolled out his Pumpkin spice for the season. I confessed this morning that last week I was forced (on a Sunday when he was closed!) to drink a substandard pumpkin latte from a substandard coffee shop and he gasped, apologized for not being able to keep the store open for my on Sundays anymore, and expressed his nervousness that his Pumpkin syrup (his own recipe, homemade in batches) wouldn’t live up to my memory of it from last year.

Of course it did, and I had a little nostalgic bonding moment with him because last year the day we met he was working out his formula and had me taste several versions of the syrup. During the holiday season when I did my Yard Sale Christmas Shop, I hit the drive through every Saturday for a pumpkin latte and when he opened briefly on Sundays I was a faithful pre-chore Sunday Rocket Fuel (4 shots espresso, sugar, wee bit of steamed milk. 5oz total) customer.

Alas, we got poor and he closed on Sundays and I haven’t been yard sale-ing in months, so we haven’t seen much of each other, but he knows how to reel me back in.

Awkward: When I was like “hell yes, make it large! Hell yes, extra whip! I’m wearing baggy clothes anyway, fudge it!” and then I turned around to see my personal trainer picking up her non dairy no cheese breakfast burrito, hanging out on her “rest day” before the triathlon she’s doing tomorrow.


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