couch to 5K progress, and a rant

First let me say that even though I’m not running 5K on a regular basis yet, the reasons are more related to laziness than capability. I’m technically on Week 7 Day 2 of Couch to 5K, but I’ve got no problem running the three miles any time. I can’t promise you’d I’d be able to do it within an episode of The Office, but I’m getting there.

And I’m getting there without shoes by the way, which brings me to my small and petty rant:

You know how you feel when people judge homebirth, having never read a single study on infant mortality in countries that homebirth as a regular practice? Or how much it boils your brain when you mention that you’re using garlic oil to treat your kids’ ear aches and someone shakes their head and tells you that you could turn your kid deaf by not giving them antibiotics? Or that raised hackles sensation when you hear for the eleventy MILLIONTH time that your child will not be a functioning adult if you homeschool because OMG how will they ever be socilaized?

It’s like that when someone attacks me for running barefoot.

Runners have been running races for a lot longer than running shoes have been on the market. In fact, the “new technology” that comprises the modern running shoe was invented in the 70’s and if you’re a statistics fan (I’m not) you might want to check into the number of running related injuries per year before the advent of running shoes vs. after.

I don’t care about that, and I don’t care to convince you that my way is how the human body was engineered to function, just as it’s not my calling in life to convince a pregnant woman that her body was built to carry and birth a child and that her breasts were engineered by nature to feed that child.  You do what you do, I’ll do what I do….

But fudgein a, I have to say I’m growing very, very weary of people aggressively reprimanding me for running barefoot. You can’t win. When I started running it was “oh running is too high impact you’ll kill your knees!” Recently runners everywhere were vindicated when the New York Times article came out last month blowing that theory out of the water. Now I’m running with no knee impact and I’m getting “you can’t run without heel support, you’ll tear up your legs!” from RUNNERS.

SHUT UP ALREADY. Go put your knee brace and your shoes and socks on and do your quad stretches, I’ve got a run to do. I won’t laugh at your knee replacement if you won’t laugh at my Jiffy Feet.


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