Holy Vacation!

Our parents in law are renting a cabin for us all to occupy next week. Some of you might consider this a nightmare, but in our world of In Law lottery winnings, it’s the most beautiful of dreams, involving late mornings, coffee I didn’t have to make, and lots (and LOTS) of buttered toast.

Here’s where we’re staying

The occasion is my new niece in law, who is quite possibly the fourth cutest baby I have ever seen. I cannot wait to hold and snuggle and wear her in a sling. And I would be lying if I said it’s tickling me absolutely pink that then I get to give her back and go to the vacation cabin and go to bed.

Ashevillans- Ona, I’m talking to YOU! Let’s make a plan. My license is suspended so I’m on limited mobility, but I want to get some face time. Let’s make it so!


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