my daughter, national hero

The best part was when the reporter asked her if she was “openly gay” at school and she replied “that’s not relevant. let’s move on”

AP Story

Local Story, teaser. Print version will be in tomorrow’s Times Union.

From last week’s Folio Weekly editor’s letter:

There’s nothing more dispiriting than a dumb educator. Not just because of what it portends for the minds of his or her students, but because stupidity is itself a record of failure. It takes years of cultivated ignorance and neglect to grow a dull brain, and it makes for a miserable inheritance. Unfortunately, Nassau County School Superintendent John Ruis appears ready to pass his handicap to a new generation.

Last week, Ruis chose to invest in bigotry and intolerance, and to endow that investment with money that might otherwise be used to pay for books and teachers. In a Jan. 27 letter to lawyers representing two Yulee High School students, Ruis said that the district would forbid use of the word “gay” in the title of a proposed student club. The students want to start a Gay-Straight Alliance, a club whose very purpose is to help dispel the fear and hatred that fuel gay stereotypes, and to help promote tolerance and compassion. Ruis, apparently willful in his determination to see what is not there, says the club, by acknowledging “specific sexual orientation,” violates school board policy. He doesn’t cite what policy, but presumably it offends his narrow sensibilities to admit that gay students exist.


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