tis the season for writer’s block

Therapy is a life altering experience for me. Yesterday my therapist said to me (in reference to me dancing around some long past trauma) “Oh, I’m not expecting you to have some huge cathartic break. I’m not even sure that would be healthy” and that’s when I knew this was my kind of therapy.

I might be making great strides in “creating healthy boundaries” and “managing anger” and “re-framing thoughts” but I’m just so worn out from all this forward progress that I haven’t been able to think of a single witty thing to blog about. Instead I’ll submit a list:

-Jack’s first haircut. A comedy of errors, involving a child sitting in the sink playing with the faucet while 2 adults hover around his head with a set of clippers, a beard trimmer, and a pair of scissors.

-Alert the media: I still love my husband.

-My teenager is about to get major media attention again. Which means I should probably stop wearing my pajamas to drop LittleA at Pre-K. Someone! Please use google-fu to find me a SAHM uniform that does not involve low waist jeans or really anything with a waist. I only have one velour tracksuit.

-Hell froze over, and my children play together. I have photographic evidence. Watch this space.

-LOST and Grey’s Anatomy’s shark jumping plotline have made me dream about my dead ex boyfriend. Ouch. Seriously, subconscious brain? Don’t you have better things to do?

-my newly painted toenails make me unreasonably happy. I’m going barefoot (brrr!) just so I can see them more often


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