because I’m Twelve

I signed up for text message weather alerts No, really! During hurricane season they make sense. It’s just that the rest of the time you get things like “TWC alerts: the wind is blowing” or “TWC alerts: watch for mud puddles”

Tonight I got one that warns of a Hard Freeze. I can’t even actually think of an off color joke about hard freezes, but for some reason the phrase Hard Freeze cracks me up.

I get inebriated from 2 glasses of wine (hi, six mimosas on Christmas day!), I laugh at farts, and I think Hard Freeze is hysterical. Inlaws: Aren’t you so glad I married your son/brother/cousin/friend?


2 thoughts on “because I’m Twelve

  1. Oh jesus H. I wish I could see you on a daily basis. You are seriously crucial for a smile…

    Harsh freezes! I LOVE YOU!

    The muffdive will be fantastico…


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