Merry January!

Hi Internet! What did you get for Christmas? I got peace of mind. Santa brought my best friend a surprise abdominal surgery! And so I gave my best friend a christmas/birthday gift (her birthday is Jan 3, the day she was released from the hospital. party!) called “I will be your slave and nanny to your children for a few days”. I call it work but it’s not really, it’s more like an orgasm of OCD for me, as my best friend (shhhh) is a ….shhh…. hoarder.

So every time I’m stuck here, I mean whenever I visit- I plunder her closets and cabinets and bins, organize the shoes, consolidate the pantry and the salad dressings and buy affection from her kids by making peanut butter cookies or cobbler.

The one place I just can’t make myself go: the laundry room. Today I found myself in the garage sifting through ornament boxes in my completely transparent attempt to be too busy to crack the laundry room door.

And so here it is, the end of my workday and I’ve successfully avoided the 10th circle of hell. Everyone’s walking around naked, of course, but whatever. we live in Florida.


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