And I Swore I Could Actually FEEL Time Moving Backward: More on the Nassau Co. Florida GSA Lawsuit

My baby, all growed up and at the center of an ACLU (possible) lawsuit.

I don’t have to say out loud, do I, how incredibly proud I am of my daughter and the distance she’s come in just a few months? TeenHer has always had potential, ambition, and passion but over the last few months what I’ve seen happen to her is transformative and amazing. This is a focused, determined, strong and courageous child, a young woman who kept mum for weeks while this story was brewing, who instead of screaming in the halls and at the school board meetings last month turned the whole case over to the ACLU and has patiently waited for her turn to speak.

And now she can speak. And speak she does. She is amazing. The full story airs at 11 and I’ll post the link as soon as it’s on their site.

Print News:

ACLU Plans to Sue Nassau County on Behalf of the Yulee High School GSA

Note to the media: Please stop calling the GSA a gay club! It’s not a recruiting organization, people. The GSA is about ending harassment. Even bigots should agree that you can’t harass the gay out of a teenager, right?

Now onto the saddest part of the evening, when I ran into (heart flutter!) my 7th grade English teacher and love of my junior high life, now an administrator of some kind, at the school board meeting tonight. He called me by name (heart flutter!), made up an excuse to walk away, and sat in front of us at the meeting (voyer heart flutter!).

Then. After the meeting (which, incidentally, was not well attended by parents. there was no outrage), he walked up and said “well said!” to the one person who spoke out publicly (he handed out spiral bound BOOKS of reasons why “gay clubs” are dangerous for students!) against the GSA, a psychologist WHO WORKS FOR THE SCHOOL BOARD and who believes that allowing the GSA will give him “more business than he needs”.

“Well said”, Jim? (that’s right. I call him Jim. Even though his hair is pure white now I can’t bring myself to call him mister.) Really? You wrote out a reading list for me 3 years after I left your school! You mandated my reading Fahrenheit 451 and Clockwork Orange! You pulled a bully off me in the 8th grade when I got punched in the face for…wait for it….being DIFFERENT.

Ah, what political aspirations can do to a man.


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