garden of champions

1) My gardening zen master Kaile is coming back to Florida! I don’t have to buy her a plane ticket after all.
2) I was very, very wrong about yard work. I fudgeing love yard work. I can’t even express to you how much I love being out there covered in fertilizer (ok, covered in crap. I said it) tending my little plant babies.

One thing I wish someone had told me though: all those marigolds, snapdragons, and stuff? They’re going to DIE? What, I say WHAT the hell is the point? Whatever, I’m moving on. Next year: perennials only (whoops! I said annuals first. Holy crap would I have been screwed at the Garden Center!).

Would you like to know what we planted? Here’s a short list.

Broccoli (7 plants!)
Peppers (5 different varieties)
Marigolds (about 50)
Moss rose
Norfolk Pine (OK, my husband planted those a few weeks ago)
Lima beans
Sweet basil
Greek basil
Sweet marjoram

When my mother in law made the comment that inevitably some of what we plant will die, I thought I might vomit. You mean there’s a chance I’m going to lose some of these plants? What the hell? This is way to much work.

And yet I can’t wait to get back out there. I have to walk the back 40 and try to map out another plot, since I’ve run out of room already!


One thought on “garden of champions

  1. marigolds and snapdragons ARE annuals. what you want are perennials. but annuals can actually last a long time, especially where you live. like pansies- we have some here that were put into pots in the fall and still blooming like crazy. some nice color through the winter.

    wow you guys have a lot of stuff going! i am jealous- maybe by next year we’ll be ready to join in. i can’t wait to see your harvest!


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