Married. With Children.

Well holy fudgeballs, it’s our anniversary again, and I’m out of words just like last year when I copped out and posted a very flattering picture of myself. (you can see more of Karen’s photographs from our wedding here.)

This year I plan to update with some romantic video of my baby shaking his head.

I will say this: I always assumed that the passionate “OMG I’m so in love with you!” way we loved each other would fade out, and it did. But I was unprepared for the depth of what replaces that new-love passion. Lately, daily, I’ve been saying a little thank you prayer to the Universe at random times throughout the day- when I catch sight of the dustballs all over the floor, or the empty fridge, or the piles and piles of papers on every surface of my “office”, and an especially fervent prayer of thanks when my husband walks in the door every afternoon, saving my sanity and my children’s lives.

We don’t do a lot of heart-to-hearting in this family. We prefer little gestures of affection, like bearing children for each other, and turning a blind eye to 18 used glasses piled up on the nightstand. Or picking up, without complaint, socks that are deposited on the floor 2 feet from the laundry hamper every. single. day.

One thing I’ve noticed over the last few days though, is that I still follow the man from room to room, and I still feel a little skip in my heart when he laughs at my jokes, and I still long for his touch at the end of a hard day. You might have guessed there’ve been a lot of hard days lately. Today I’m going to take a moment to remember this:

and to be grateful that I still want to open a bottle of wine and put on some Enya when I see this:


Happy fourth anniversary, babe. I’ve never loved you more.


–>note: Eventually I’ll put the whole wedding album up there. In the meantime, I am sending a few photos at a time over to flickr, so if you view my photostream you can see more.


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