you’ll never guess

Seriously, I haven’t been lobbed up on the couch for the last week playing Call of Duty 4. I haven’t. I swear. Yesterday, when I was delirious on the couch (getting sick. it’s my turn, everyone else in the house has been breathing germs on me for a week) I composed the MOST AWESOME blog post ever, kind of a free association poem kind of thing about BabyJ. Now I can’t reproduce it which is probably good because I’m sure it was actually stupid and I was just sick-high.

I beat the game, LAST week. Now I’m bored with it. Same missions, different level? Bo-RING.
So we got Xbox live. Except I’ll just never, ever have as much time as the 14 year olds who routinely whip my ass on xbox live. Plus, I play with a baby climbing in my lap and gumming my chin. (Hi, teething!) There should be a special class in the game for people who play with babies hanging off their arms, or who have to pause the game every 2 minutes in order to change crapty diapers or make a new pot of coffee.

After last weekend when TeenHer’s friend (who is 13) came over and “totally pwned” me, I decided to recognize my limits and found a new way to avoid putting my thoughts out here on the internet for the world to read: Now I’m ripping to our external hard drive every single CD that we own. Holy crap. 1) We have terrible taste in music and b) we have a TON of cds. The goal here is to transfer all the music, figure out how much space it takes up, and then make some decisions about Mp3 players, docking stations, and CD storage. This all came about when I vetoed my husband’s pick for CD storage. It’s not that that little library cabinet replica wasn’t cool, it’s just that the TEENY TINY DRAWERS were all at kid level. Kid level, people. I’m just… I mean I don’t mind chasing after a kid or two, I’m ok putting the cat food on the counter every day when BabyJ hits the kitchen. But no fudgeing way am I going to clean up CD mountain every single day. Plus, my husband? He alphabetizes his Cds AND groups them by genre. I truly believe his head would explode the first day he came home from work to find me on the couch saving the world from nuclear winter while the kids were buried under 2500 CDs. LittleA likes to use them like frisbees, and we often find them in the most unlikely places, like on top of the china cabinet.

Am I getting close to justification for family Ipods yet? Hang on; I’ve even got reasons for BabyJ to have his own, with his own small docking station in his room.

Here’s the problem with my plan, which my husband has reluctantly adopted: he still wants to keep them. “we have the room”, he says in reference to our obscene amount of attic storage. “Why not just pack them away and then they’ll be there in case we need them“?

In case we need it. Story of our lives, and why we could never live in Brooklyn.

Well, Internet. IN CASE YOU NEED IT, I have a shiny Flock of Seagulls CD collection here for ya, all cozied up to Monsters of Rap volumes one AND 2.


2 thoughts on “you’ll never guess

  1. OMG, why does this sound extremely familiar? We put all of our music on the server a few years ago when Dan got his iPod. It took weeks. The CD’s are still on the same shelf they were on before we put them on the server. Never actually made it to the attic. Although, now that you mention it… I could use that shelf space. Dan would never even notice the CDs were gone! 🙂


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