Meandering Around Ohio, Using Panera for Internet but not Food

Well hello there, Internet! Did you think I’d forgotten you were out there? I’m actually writing you this little letter, friend, from the sleeping loft of the oldest building in Ohio! Or something like that. And also? I’m composing it in Word, OFFline! Because in the oldest building in Ohio, and evidently in the surrounding 200 feet from my wireless card, there is no Internet. Perhaps Ohio doesn’t need the Internet. I’m sure I could live without the Internet, actually, if I lived in such a beautiful place.

I wish I could show you how beautiful it is. But I HAVE NO INTERNET! I can’t upload these incredible pictures. I’m going to send this message out with a pigeon tomorrow and hope he can work the keyboard at the library in Michigan.

So yeah. We’re at my brother’s wedding! Did I mention my brother’s getting married on Sunday? And he bribed me to come, by paying for my tickets. But only 2 tickets, which really was a slick bribe because, guess what it meant? That I could only bring one person and since he already knows TeenHer I picked her. Like I said: slick dude, my brother. That man knows how to get to my heart.

No wait. I mean… I miss my small children sososo much! This morning while I was having my breakfast coffee at 11 a.m., standing on the riverbank in the backyard of my log cabin swank, I was really, um, lonely. And sad. And rested.

The only thing I don’t love about Dublin Ohio is that they’ve evidently spent all their money on keeping the city incredibly beautiful, and none of it on street signs.

Note to self: do not ever, ever, ever rent a car without checking the GPS option. I would have divorced myself if I’d been riding in the passenger seat of the rental car today. Lucky for me TeenHer has no choice at least until she learns how to forge my signature on credit card receipts.


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