Thank You.

First let me say that I’m  overwhelmed with the love and support I’m getting via email right now. I appreciate hearing from each of you. Really. I hope to someday get a chance to respond to everyone individually. For now please know it means a lot. So much.

Checkup with the pediatrician today. They no longer take our insurance, but they are the only holistic doctors within a hundred miles, and we love them. It stings a little to love them six hundred dollars worth today and to know we have to love them again next week, but what can we do. Vote, people. Thats what you can do. Vote a ticket that endorses health care for everyone. (and also? whoever is giving away water softeners. vote for them. because now we have to buy one. I’m glad I didn’t know that before the appointment today- “water softener? or breastfeeding relationship with baby? hmmm, let’s do a pros and cons list….”)
anyway baby is awesome. Tongue tie problem dealt with, and I win MOTFY; I got faint when talking about it with the doc and so someone else had to hold him while they did the clip. He didn’t even cry. We came home sporting renewed commitment with regard to boob feeding, which is why I find myself pumping at 4:48 a.m. while my in-laws finger feed the Littlelest Lazy Sucker in the living room. And you’ll probably see me at 7, too. Yay!

Suture removal went well; I am one step closer but still 5 weeks away (are you reading this, husband? I am NOT MAKING IT UP) from being able to lift or drive or otherwise strain my sliced up body. I am running out of pain pills which means the pain will be gone soon though-right? I never knew I could love the sound of pills rattling around a bottle so much. I am truly afraid of the day that there’s only one little lonely pill in there-what if that’s the same day everyone leaves me alone?

Do they rent overbearing, smothering style mother figures online? I need one of those for about a month until M gets done with school for the summer. The ones I have are awesome, really. Save for their pesky feminist tendencies that force them to have other priorities besides me- like jobs and lives, etc. Oh wait, those aren’t feminist tendencies those are economic realities! Sorry, moms.
Breathe. Breathe. I learned to walk upright after the last one; I can figure this out.


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