R.I.P. Pappy

My grandfather died this morning. Today was the day I had planned to go see him. Today was also the school baby shower. yay. A woman who is at least half my size in girth and is due in 4 weeks (I am due in eight) pretended to commiserate with me about how incredibly huge we both are because these are our third babies. I thought I might rip my face off.

Clients: please don’t email or call me about important work I need to do for you right this moment.

Friends: I don’t want to talk on the phone or IM. I can’t help you get back online or fix your computer or your issues.

Just everyone please leave me alone.

I used to by him a zippo lighter every year for Christmas; I hope they bury him with a zippo lighter and some cigars. Perhaps instead of going to the ‘visitation’ I’ll smoke a cigar. Oh, I suppose I can’t smoke a cigar with a gestating baby in here, eh?


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