on our anniversary, no less! For SHAME!

So I just walked inside and my husband’s backpack was vibrating to the sounds of “Ridin’ Dirty”. I fished a fuschia cell phone from the front pocket, and barged into the bathroom, holding the offender up for him to see.

Not only is it cuter than mine, but it has a hipper ring tone and it’s WAY smaller. AND it’s pink. He likes them petite, does he? Well.

(I can’t say much; I do too. I’ve got phone envy now, and since this one is free with renewal, I may get an anniversary present after all! )

So, I’m standing there, at the bathroom door, and he’s staring at me, wide eyed, covered in soap. And he tells me.

He confiscated it today on the zoo field trip. He’s actually confiscated this phone before, even. This time, she lost it while she was hanging upside down on the mokey bars. It belongs to a student. A very small student, obviously, who needs a very small phone. With “Ridin’ Dirty” as her ringtone.

I have to say I feel a little old-school being the mom who doesn’t allow her 13 year old to carry a cell phone anymore, when 6 year olds are carrying them to school.


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