24 weeks

Ah, Panera. How I love thee, for your steak salad and your free wifi. I’ve been bearing the cross of dial up for so long now (like, a whole MONTH!) that I had mercifully forgotten the ease, the wonder, the beauty that is high speed internet.

The older child has been deposited at the movies with her 17-year-old buddy (I KNOW. But WTF am I supposed to do? When I was 14 my boyfriend was a freshman in college) and a threat that we’ll be spot checking to make sure they’re actually IN the movie (insert rolled eyes and snickers here); my husband has walked over to the game store to recharge his geek batteries, and I’m sitting here too full to even want to cheat and eat sugar. I might move in here. Or at least come here every single day for a few hours. I love this place. I love high speed Internet. I’m drunk on it! I’m drunk with speed and video downloads! Where should I go first? The Office Producer’s cut? Ugly Betty? YouTube? Ack!

Maybe I should be working. Am I working? No, but I’ll get right on that. However, I am faithfully uploading photos taken by my talented daughter, so that the Internet need not go another moment without seeing the progress of The Buddha Belly, as I’m beginning to refer to it. And also, because it’s been far too long, there’s a little explosion of cute as well. Click the pics to jump to flickr, and on flickr click the Sprout set to see the mutation.

24 weeks, 2 days:
belly 24 weeks + avery Xmas 029 belly 24 weeks + avery Xmas 026


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