24 weeks

I know the whole internet is dying to see my not-so-tiny but still fairly cute belly. But the thing about belly pictures when you’re MARRIED is that your PARTNER is supposed to want to take them, and remember. And so that doesn’t always happen. So you remind them. Daily. For weeks.

But when does “hey will you take pictures of me? Please?” become kind of pathetic?

Answer: about three weeks ago.

I should suck it up, get the tripod out, and do it myself, But I want the satisfaction of saying in 20 years when he’s old and doesn’t remember what I looked like when pregnant with his ONLY SON, “oh! Whoops. Too bad you just couldn’t be bothered to take the  pictures. That I begged you to take. Daily. For weeks.”

I know, right? It’s the blood sugar thing. It’s making me bitchy. That statement would make more sense if I’d been having blood sugar problems my whole life.


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