the things that make me happy today

A list, because words have failed me again, and because this is my journal after all. I can make a post or two that’s just for me, to remind me of where we were: Things that are so, so Good:

-the dishwasher, quietly humming away in my new kitchen. You don’t know how wonderful a quiet dishwasher can be until it’s in your life. I’m not sure how we lived without this.
-a two year old who, when told it’s bed or naptime, walks into the bedroom and climbs into her bed. Don’t hate me. I’m sure it’s temporary.
-a climate that allows for open windows all day long in January, for without open windows, I am tethered to the inhaler.
-Fresh produce, from the new market at the end of our road. Not walkable, but close. -Salad lunch with my good friend, who turns 31 today. Or is that 29, year 3?
-My child lying on her stomach beside one of the twins; fascinated and gentle. Will she like our baby this much?
-Pixie haircuts on 13-year olds -A spouse who with minimal complaint gets up and goes to a job every day so that I can be here, doing this instead of putting things away or cleaning up the clutter of just-moved-in
-At last count 4 hours free of back pain
-Puttanesca, my gift from aforementioned friend, who is the kind of person to go around giving gifts on her own birthday. Dinner tonight? Check. AND it’ll look like I did something today. “honey, I took care of dinner! Yay!”

Next: Pictures of the onamission family! I swear. Forthcoming.


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