Winter Wonderland-Christmas in Asheville

We’re still in Asheville, and the weather is turning cold- well I wouldn’t call it COLD exactly, but the weather has turned the corner from charmingly brisk into uncomfortably chilly, at least in my husband’s point of view. He likes to say he’s not built for cold weather. I’m enjoying myself, wimpy spouse aside. Of course I do have a thrifted but pristine beautiful full-length cashmere coat. I could stay another week or two, if only I didn’t miss my cat so much.

Seriously. I never thought I’d miss a cat. The house cat here is old, and not so friendly, and therefore not a substitute. My dad who is taking care of our cat while we’re gone says he hasn’t actually seen him, just evidence of his existence in the litter box and slowly emptying food dish. We know he was around a few days ago when he set off the motion detectors on the new security system (hello, security guys? When we asked whether a cat could set them off? That was your cue to set the sensitivity on the motion sensors to CAT.) and since the litter box is dirty every day, I feel confident we’ll see him alive again.

Well OK, it’s not just the cat. Being a guest in someone else’s (very nice) home is hard. Even in a whole family of introverts, and I’m so so lucky I married into the Right Kind of people, there’s still a certain amount of obligatory socialization and well, tidiness too- that is hard for me to maintain. Hell. I sometimes fantasize about having my own apartment, away from my family. At times, even my children and husband are too much social interaction.

The festivities were awesome, of course. We have pictures! So, so many pictures. Here are a few, just a few so that the cuteness doesn’t short-circuit your computers.

Asheville 052

Asheville 113Asheville 098


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