You Can Take the Girl Out of the Country…

Hi. I’m Summer and I’m addicted to action movies with hott stars. I’m here to tell you that I loved all the Lethal Weapon movies, every single one of them. I’ve watched every Terminator, including the last one, which cannot be called an action movie so much as a complete piece of utter crap, but once you begin a series it is polite to see it through, right? (see: my reluctant trip to the theater for the final Matrix)

So here you find me on a Saturday night, engrossed and cursing the commercial breaks during Walking Tall, a feel good flick about a military hero who comes back to his quaint hometown only to find it ravaged by drug dealers and payday advance storefronts. This story has everything: ex girlfriend forced to compromise her values, young relative suffers the consequences of the drug trade, quirky best bud proves his worth, relative breaks very important promise to himself on order to save lives, a touch football game between (who else?) the guys who genuinely care about the town and the assholes who are capitalizing on the drug trade, oh! AND dirty cops! What more, really, does a good flick need?

Well, the Rock, of course. I love him. There, I said it. He’s not a Film actor. I’m not so sure he could be, really, but he’s adequately sincere, he has great comic delivery, and he’s hott.

It seems as if I’m willing to sit through just about anything (see: The Rundown) featuring the Rock.

Here’s what’s on my shelf unwatched at this moment, bumped by the network television premiere of Walking Tall:

Maria Full of Grace

A Very Long Engagement


Boiler Room

The Station Agent

V for Vendetta

Hustle & Flow

The Weather Man

It’s all out there, Internet. Now you know me. Be kind.


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