ours is a toxic relationship

I love the cat. I do. We bought him with us cross-country, the only kitten to worm his way into our world out of at least 20 that we rescued and nursed to health out in California. When we arrived here in Florida, it took only three days for us to become foster parents again, this time to a litter of kittens born under my (allergic) daughter’s dresser. Three litters later, we have two cats-Moses, who I mentioned above, and Daisy, who wandered into my mother’s yard a while ago and thought the dogs were for playing with and not so much running from. Lucky Daisy, someone intervened before his execution, and since we have no dogs and Moses fell instantly in love, here we are. Daisy doesn’t sleep in the bedroom much though. He’s very fat, and I suspect getting up the stairs is an ordeal for him.

Back to the cat. I love him, my Handsome, my Lovely Cat, my Mosey. He’s been sleeping outside a lot during the summer, and now he’s in the bed with us almost every night. And so I find myself awake at 4:15 a.m., wheezing, sniffling, sneezing, poring over my homeopathic texts because Benadryl will put me out for much of tomorrow if I take it this late (early?) in the game.

I’m allergic to dogs too, and mold and dust and dust mites. I’m allergic to the heater but not the air conditioner. Go figure.

Tonight though, it’s the cat. He’s killing me, and I cannot bring myself to banish him from the bedroom, even though I’ve read whole books on inflammatory diseases and how much havoc they inflict on the body. I know I will walk like a zombie tomorrow and perhaps I’ll make a defiant trip to the grocery store for junk food because I DESERVE IT since my husband snores upstairs while the cat languishes in the bed and I wouldn’t even BE awake right now if they hadn’t played video games till 3 a.m. and woken me up which of course woke the cat up who naturally needed to rearrange his position on the bed after inching up toward the pillow for a few good (dander-releasing) strokes on the head.

Did you see how I managed to blame my dander allergy on late night x-box? I truly am a master.


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