Week 9

It’s all going much too fast, and I wish I had known when we started this project that my house would take SIX MONTHS or longer to complete. Because um, I would have waited. People, I really don’t want to be just settling into a new house when my new baby is born. I don’t want to have a yard that’s not fenced in and has no grass when what really needs to happen is my 2.5 year old needs to get the fuuuuck out of the house and play outside but she can’t because there’s no toddler containment system and no grass. I don’t want my 12 year old to be living in the tiny bedroom downstairs while my husband, my newborn and my 3 year old are crammed into the master bedroom with me. Oh, god.

Help me. Someone please come and help me.

Oh, but I was updating about the baby. Right. I’m growing, but I’ve been growing pretty steadily for 3  years, so this is nothing new, except now I can poke my stomach out and wear cute clothes. And tell everyone I’m 19 weeks and not 9. Oh my god! You’re so tiny! They’ll exclaim. Yep. That’s me. A delicate flower.

I get nauseous at 5  or 6 p.m. every day, which makes suppertime superfun for M and Han. I’m sure it looks to them as if I lay around all. Day. Long. But really I do stuff all day! I swear! I’ve even forgone my afternoon nap for several days now, because our leisure money now must come from my business cash and my business cash has dwindled to nothing, so I must crank out some web design work in a hurry. But then 5 o’clock gets here and I’m shot. So much for that evening walk, I just don’t have it in me. I anxiously await my second trimester energy burst, even though the second trimester means only 2 trimesters to go and if we don’t’ have running water in that mutherfudgein house and we don’t have some kind of motherfudgein timeline on moving in I’m going to die die die.

Whoops, I’m off the 9 week update and back onto the house. Sorry. Nine weeks is so boring anyway.


OH! But today we got to pick out the bathtub! I was so pleased with myself for shopping the best deal (read: my dad called me and said “come to Lowe’s and check out this tub”) and then, 600 dollars later while we were walking out with a bathtub and some faucets that were not in the project budget, I began to flip out.

So we did what anyone would do-ordered take out. Someday this spree must end. But right now my belly is full of sushi (vegetarian, don’t flip out, pregnancy police!) and my baby is turning somersaults on the bed to keep me from doing any work. Does she not realize I have take out to pay for?


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