music for the masses?

MT’s post made me wonder: is there a mix cd out there inside all of you, waiting to come out and play? If so, my child and I could use the exposure. Currently our favorite songs are whatever comes on the 80’s station in our small bible belt town. Well, and the soul hits station. Last week Baby Go Back was playing when we got in the car and the child clapped, bobbed her head and kicked her feet against the seat all the way through. Nothing makes a mother proud like watching her kid break it down to Sir Mix-a-Lot.

So seriously. If you’ve a mix in you dying to get out, we’re a starving family dying to listen to it. I’ll return a mix or a shout of gratitude with your name on it to the Internet, or a custom made onesie (well ok the onesie is made in a factory) with a cute iron-on transfer.



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