the wall

I keep writing posts in my head-on the way home from work, at dark-thirty in the morning when it’s just not quite compelling enough to get me out of bed, while I condition my hair in the shower-and then before I can even think to sit down with the new fancy laptop, the words are gone.

so. an update, of sorts.

House: still there, still incomplete, still we wait for people to come and do their part. This week, I plan to begin painting the moulding, and get the closets painted. And maybe the ceilings. Oh, but Joel has to come patch up drywall before we can do closets and ceilings. So. I guess just moulding. The manufacturer stood us up three times last week when they were scheduled to come down and do a walk through of the house in order to address the (multitude) of ‘issues’ we need to resolve.

Family: Both sets of In-laws are visiting this month, which means there has to be a serious cleaning revival in this house, and I’m just not into it. I have about 40 books to read for school (school!) and moulding to paint!

School: I’m going back to Athens the weekend after I turn 34. Look out Athens!

Babies: No baby yet. Please think good thoughts and send baby energy to my uterus. thank you.


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