oh baby..where ARE you?

So it was pointed out to me earlier that I don’t sound so much like myself, as I generally shy away from the whole “destiny-universe-grand plan-happens for a reason” thing when conversations head in that direction.

I should clarify: I don’t believe in destiny. I don’t believe in a Grand Plan, not the way you might think. I don’t buy into most of that. I’m about the science. Explain this to me scientifically, and you may keep me interested.

Let me break it down for ya’ll:

We’re made of energy, right? That’s proven and scientific. We can measure energy. It’s a real thing, almost tangible. And when a bunch of energies get together, they feed on each other right? We can measure that too. We know this to be true. We also know people and cases of things being changed by thought. I mean, we believe, right, that some people have ‘thought’ themselves better when they were sick? With cancer, etc? I mean, we can chalk it up to a random mystery, but it happens. I choose to believe that we are beings made of energy and energy has power. Why shouldn’t I believe that as beings of energy and power, we have the ability to change ourselves, even on a cellular level? That we can direct our energy to attacking cancer cells, or whatever? We know the brain is a very, very powerful thing, so powerful that we don’t even know yet what it can do.

So when I talk about ‘inviting a baby’ into our lives-lighting a candle, setting a place at the table for our future kid- I’m not expecting the Universe, or Goddess, or God, to hear my prayer and give me a baby. Here’s what I think will happen:

My energy and M’s energy will feed off each other. We will be directing kinetic energy out into the world, and into ourselves. We will change the way we think about our family. We will open a space, if you will, in our lives, for the new baby.

Will the baby’s soul hear it and come running? Give me a fudgeing break. I didn’t undergo a personality transplant this weekend, ya’ll. But what I think WILL happen, is I think perhaps my hormones may be ramped up, may be stimulated into action by the ENERGY that I direct toward the baby. My body will go “Oh! We’re making a baby? We’re trying to get pregnant? Got it. Let me hook you up with some of that Good Stuff.”

If we believe that looking at a picture of our baby while pumping will stimulate us to produce more prolactin and oxytocin- what do we think is happening there? Is this not our energy focusing on a task and then sending our bodies the signal to produce hormones?

So. Do I think the universe infused our group with purpose and showed us the reason for being there this weekend? Not really. But I do think that when a group of people’s energy starts feeding off of itself, interesting things happen. And I, for one, find myself more aware, and more clear in thought and intuition, after I am able to take a shot of that group vibe.

For me, it has to be science. I’m not about the grand plan and the universe’s plan for me, and the praying and being answered.

Soon I’ll get into my whole Map of the Universe thing.


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