Holistic Doula Training, Athens Bound-Week One

House drama be damned, I’m goin to Athens to learn how to be a holistic doula! And TeenHer is coming with me, AND we don’t have to spring for a hotel. rad. Plus, in honor of the trip and my old-lady back, we bought air mattresses that we can use when the Ona clan comes to see us next week, which is a double bonus because her poor children deserve to sleep too, dammit!

The only update I have on the house is that there is nothing happening. Sales guy might be an eensy bit pissed at us so I would guess he’s not busting his ass to get this thing done, now that he’s collected his fee. So this is where we stand. Nowheresville. Three trailers full of house are sitting on our property, waiting to be merged, and we literally cannot do anything until that happens. No septic tank, no painting, no yard work, no nothing. We are sitting on our hands,waiting yet again for someone to fulfill their end of the deal.

But! I’m going to Doula training in Athens! So I don’t have to think about this until Monday.


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