The Next Big Thing

I’m going to do this:

I’ve never felt totally kosher about how I ended up in a career that is not about helping people. Even in the restaurant business, I could get behind the theory that my job is to help the guest have a good experience. And that was enough, and is part of the reason I’m waiting tables right now. But it’s always nagged at me, which is why last year I got so hopped up to be a hospice nurse. I feel compelled to be DOING SOMETHING to actually help people in some concrete way. So I’m going to be a Doula. I may not get rich doing it, but I don’t care.

My mom said “OH! PERFECT! You have to do it! You have always been very good with people who are in pain” I didn’t know that.

I’m so excited! I am one of those people who needs to be working. But not working at a J-O-B and not doing the same thing day in and day out. A day of sewing here and there for slings to sell? Awesome! A week of sewing? I end up pissed and resentful. Maybe I’m a weirdo, maybe I’m just selfish. But I’d rather do 20 hours at the restaurant, and 15 at the computer and 5 at the sewing machine and then later, a birth once or twice a month.

Who wants to be my benefactor and send me on this midwifery study trip to Peru? I only need like 1500 bucks! Or who needs a $1500 website? PERU! How cool would that be? How incredible to study with 10 other people? In PERU!


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