it’s that time of the month again

Welcome. Let’s go over the fluttering in my head for a moment, why don’t we?

-I cried when I read DH’s card this morning. Maybe I’m pregnant!

-That negative test? It’s only day 10 (um, or 13, depending on how you count. Long story) so I might still be pregnant!

-Series Finale of West Wing? Cried like a baby. Maybe I’m pregnant!

-Previews for – god I don’t even remember the show. It was a SITCOM, people. Maybe I’m pregnant!

-I took a 3 hour nap today (shut up, I didn’t feel refreshed after this one, THAT’s what was different about today)- Could I be pregnant?

At least the good news is that we (meaning the Whole Internet and me) only have a few days till we know for sure. And I will NOT be testing every day. We need that money for ice cream. Each month it gets a little easier. Except each month I get a little fatter, since my new policy on food is that I can eat whatever I want in whatever quantities I want until I get pregnant, since I won’t be eating sugar while I’m pregnant. Stop laughing, I really do mean it.


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