Mosey is home. He has a urinary tract infection, and will be on a special PH-Balanced diet forever. He’s on anti-vertigo medication and antibiotics. They said we were lucky to have brought him in for the lizard thing, because the urinary thing would have killed him had we not caught it so early. Which is sort of bullcrap. But whatever.

He looks bizarre. His head is cocked to one side, as if he’s got a question on his mind. He’s moving better today, but if he tries to run, he simply falls over sideways. Once, he made it all the way up onto Hannah’s bed today and spent most of the day under her covers. But the next time he tried to jump up there, he fell over onto his back. He may get better, he may not. We’re not letting him outside, obviously. he spent no less than 3 hours at the window today, 2 paws up on the sill, staring out at the life he used to have. Poor kitty.

In other news, this afternoon we watched a few more episodes of Lost Season 1. Hannah was in her room watching Lost too, so when I heard the bang and felt the house shake, I assumed we need to turn the volume down on the show. Then I was pissed because the noise woke A up and she started crying. After we argued for a few seconds about who would go get her, Michael started up the stairs. Her little voice got louder and louder, as if he were bringing her down, exceot he wasn’t up the stairs yet. What the hell? “Holy crap!”, he cried as he rounded the corner of the landing.

There was ToddlerA, standing at the top of the stairs, crying for someone to come get her. She climbed out of her bed, fell to the floor, got herself up and organized, retrieved her suckie and reserves for each hand, and then set out to find someone to rescue her.

And I just don’t know what to say about that. She’s getting to be a whole little person now. I’m sad and excited and proud.


3 thoughts on “convalescence

  1. Christ, that’s a HUGE cat!!!

    And what happened to the anonymity? Did you forget about that in the vet-trip panic?

    And the pics in Hannah’s folder of you and Baby are great! But where did those lines around your eyes come from?!!

    Love, The Emperor of Dirt


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