Not much time

I should really be in bed. But since I just set all the clocks back an hour, I’m actually doing OK on time. Remember when you had SO MUCH FUN on Daylight Savings night because they could set the clocks back at the bar and everyone got to drink for a whole nother HOUR! Well fudge you. I was the waitress that had to server your drunk asses for that extra hour, and then wake up an hour earlier in the morning to come back to work.

But I really came here to say that baby A is not a baby anymore and we’re going to have to start calling her Toddler A. Who can now blow kisses, say “touchdown!” and “thank you” and “GO!”. She can also go get a book off the shelf if you ask her to, and yesterday she brought me a shoe, climbed into my lap, turned around, and sat down so she was sitting in my lap facing out, in order to have me put on her shoes so that she could then jump up and run to the door and yell “GO!”. That kid, she likes it outside.

My in-laws from NC are in town this weekend, and today we went to “downtown” for lunch and walking around. M and I don’t frequent “downtown” as it is designed purely for the purpose of separating tourists from their money. When Family is here though, Downtown good for a stroll and a great lunch at Lulu’s. Today we shopped at Christmas By The River for our Annual Ornaments. Our clan has a tradition involving an ornament every year. Michael has 40 of them, and a 30 year old piece of notebook paper tucked into the ornamanet box with each one itemized and dated. Now TeenHer, ToddlerA and I also have ornaments and a (shorter) list. This year my MIL said we should all go shop and maybe pick out own own ornaments. I wish I could convey in words the look of shock and disbelief and horror and finally resignation that crossed her poor face when Michael came up to me with his hand behind his back and said, “honey, I’ve found your ornament!”. I’m sure she thought he was kidding, but when I saw that miniature Gravedigger, I knew I had to have it. There’s a story to this, and a picture that I’ll dig up and scan tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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