my neighbor has a daughter, 16, who is in a detention center. Three weeks ago she had a 5 lb, 10 oz baby girl named Grace Ann. I am in love, and I want another baby, NOW.

It’s quite possible that Melanie and I freaked this woman out today while we were scrambling through the house looking for baby things we could give her for Gracie (see? I’ve already given the child a nickname). I’ll be making her a sling, of course.

She must not have been too skeeved out by us, because she did bring the baby back later when she was awake so that I could show her the ins and outs of the sling. I cannot relay on the internet how incredibly tiny her little legs and arms and hands are! And she smiled in her sleep, and I put her in the sling and fully did not want to give her back.

I hope they understand that my open offer to babysit only applies for this period of time when the baby is cute but not messy, and sleeps a lot, and doesn’t scream for its mother when I come near it.

I wish they didn’t fly a confederate flag in their yard, I really do.


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