Speechless. Hurricane Katrina is Still Killing People

Well, I just don’t have much to say. I feel like it’s not quite time to start back on the minutia of my day-to-day, while people are still dying and hungry, trying to find shelter, in the richest country in the world.

I’m just still so totally blown away by the apathy and incompetence we have witnessed this last week. I knew GW’s administration was moronic, but I don’t think I quite had a grasp of the scope. Condeleeza Rice SHOPPING for shoes on 5th Avenue? Showing up at a blogger conference? Bush in his vacation home for THREE DAYS after this horror descended upon NOLA? I think the strangest thing I heard all week was the FEMA guy on the phone with NPR Thursday night, telling us that he’d heard no reports of people in the convention center without food or water, while even Fox News was reporting on these people for a full day before the interview. I’m just… worn out from thinking about it.

Watching the news this week and seeing what happens to the working class and the poverty stricken when there is a disaster, made me re-think our emergency kit. We’re covered for a few days, but only if we stayed home. If we had to evacuate (M and I are still arguing about that- I feel like the people who evacuated and got locked into the “shelters” with no food and water are worse off than most), we wouldn’t be able to sustain on our own for long. We’re going to have to pack a few more bins with supplies- sleeping bags, air pillows, etc. and some wind up cell phone chargers/temporary batteries. I never thought about putting books, toys, and other amusement stuff in there, but now I think those things may be important as well.

Those of you in the potential path of hurricanes/earthquakes: now is the time to set up your “contact phone tree” so that, in the event of an emergency, you can give out one phone number (or make one phone call, saving your cell phone battery) that will start a chain of phone calls to spread your reports around. We have a lot of family, and we have web logs, so my plan is to get the phone tree worked out and give my login information to a trusted friend who can post here if we are unable to get in touch. If North FL ever gets a direct hit, check here for information about our family.

I’ll go ahead and update on the house situation: The survey is almost done. We staked out where the house will go, and the surveyor needs to put the house on the site plan so we can take that to the property appraiser’s office. We have to increase a credit limit on some card so that we can pay the 7 thousand dollars worth of impact fees and permits, because we can’t wait for the loan to close. We have to go ahead and apply for permits, lest I implode. The timetable now looks like at LEAST Christmas, if not later. I’ll be heartbroken if we can’t celebrate the holidays in our new home, but there’s just nothing I can do to make it go any faster at this point. I really, really wish that the other people involved in this project understood how important this is to me. To celebrate Avery’s second Christmas in her new house-to put down some roots- to ring in the new year in my own living room.

I feel like not only have we been robbed of four thousand dollars in increased impact fees due to the survey taking over 4 months to get on the guys calendar, but we may also be robbed of the experience of spending the holiday season nesting in our permanent (finally) home.

In my better moments, I remember that we will have a home long before most of the refugees populating Texas right now.


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