Is there an echo in here? TeenHer’s Sendoff to Secular Humanist Camp

H left for Hell Camp at 8:27 this morning. I took some video, and even though I’ve put her on planes plenty of times before, this time I got a little teary. My dad gave us a ride to the airport, and bought us hot chocolate and cinnabon while we waited. When it was time to give H some “spending money”, he pulled out three 20-dollar bills and fanned them out in his hand, which he extended toward her. Know what my kid did? She reached out and gently pulled one bill out of the fan. “no”, he said, “these are all for you!”. “Really?” she looked up at him from under her hair sheet while she turned bright red.

If we’ve done nothing else, we’ve at least instilled in her whatever it is that made her so grateful and so unassuming and so wonderful today.

Since she cut the bottom of her foot yesterday, the poor kid is walking all funky, trying to preserve the superglue seal I have over her injury. I’m not sure there is anyplace worse than the bottom of a foot to get a cut, especially 2 days before heading off to summer camp. Poor kid. She remembered to call me on her layover and also on her arrival in Minneapolis. I called her back, so that I could keep her company while she waited for her pickup person, but she was already walking out of the airport, giggling and making asides with them while we were on the phone. “mom”, she said, “They’re really funny. I have to go. Okay, I love you. Bye. Bye, mom! Bye!”

I came out to the kitchen (where the printer/fax lives now) to print out my “Onion Letters” to the Loop and Choice Hotels, where we were treated like crap. I’m no longer the woman who mutters to herself “I should write a letter!” on my way out the door. I’m doing it, now. I’ll let you all know how it works out for us.

In other news, a huge branch fell on the van last night and dented the hell out of the roof. Our insurance deductible is 500 bucks. ARGH.


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