All I Need Now is A housecoat a Virginia Slim, and a Martini

I had planned to play off sleeping till 10:15 by coming out all bright eyed and being like, “what are you doing playing X box? I’ve been cleaning the bedroom! Let’s get this day going, buster!”

But two things screwed up my plan:

I said “where’s the baby?” and M replied, with an odd look, “she’s sleeping-I just brought her in there a few minutes ago”
To the bedroom, where he walked past me and laid the baby down RIGHT BESIDE ME.

I might still have been able to work it out, but then M asked me “wasn’t she hilarious when we were in the shower? did you hear her?”

Uh, no.

“you didn’t hear that? she discovered her voice echoes in the shower, so she squealed and screamed for like 15 minutes!”

Whoops. Well I was dreaming about – something weird.

I did have a ghost dream last night which was pretty strange, after M and I had a conversation last night while sitting on the porch during the rainstorm in which he informed me that if we were sitting there and the door to the playhouse opened and something came out and ran around the yard and then went back in there and slammed the door, he’d be in the van on his way back to Cali. I said I’d be freaked out, but not scared, because why do we always assume ghosts are trying to hurt us? Um, but when I was dreaming about seeing a ghost, I was scared. A little.

Today, since the AC is broken, there will be no cleaning of the house. Tonight, there will be opening of cheap wine and watching of movies. I might get dressed- might not. This is where the housecoat would come in handy. I do have a fairly sexy short robe I could use, now that it’s too f-ing hot for any of my comfy not-tonight-I’m-wearing-flannel robes. But I dunno. silk robes, no AC, wine and a dvd player might net us another hellspawn before the World is ready.


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