Month 10

Dear A,
You’re 10 months old now, and you grow more beautiful every day. You now have two tiny teeth poking through on the bottom of your smile. We actually thought perhaps you weren’t going to get any, ever, because for months we’ve been using “she must be teething” as a reason for your grumpiness. As it turns out, you’re just grumpy sometimes, because right before these teeth spouted, you were really just not that grumpy.

Now that your dad is home for the summer, I’m working almost full time and I miss you so much! I call home about 12 times every day to ask what you’re up to. On my off days, we try to get you and Henry together to play, but you are asserting your dominance over him and I think he’s getting sick of getting poked in the eye.

You’ve been standing up for quite a few weeks now and we were convinced you’d be walking by the time you were 9 months old. You held out though, and just a couple of days ago you took your first unassisted steps. I wish I could say you were overjoyed and it was a celebratory step taking, but actually you were mad because I wasn’t picking you up, so you were coming to reign down your justice on me. Instead you were met with yelling and cheers and big hugs from everyone and I think we distracted you enough so that I didn’t get my eyes poked out for denying you. This time.

Last night we were listening to you babble. You’ve been trying out new sounds and squeals and screams. Sometimes we’re convinced you say “mama” or “dada” but your grandmother says it doesn’t count until you look at one of us and say it. We kind of fell short on the sign language thing, because I couldn’t figure out how to get you to look at us after you look at the object we’re trying to teach you the sign for. So now you just scream when you want something and we go down the list of what we know to do for you until we hit on the right thing. You’re a CHAMP using the potty chair though! We seem to have a gift for figuring out when you need a trip to the bathroom. Everyone thinks we’re freaks for doing it, but sweetie, in the end you’ll thank me for all the time you DIDN’T have to spend on the changing table getting poop removal treatments.

St Augustine 023

You are really starting to get a kick out of your sister lately. I mean, you’ve always loved her of course, but since she’s been out of school for the summer, you and she have been hanging out more. It’s really fun to watch you interact with her. Some mornings we go up to her room and jump on her bed to wake her up-you have a new fun thing you do where you jump up and down and shake your head- are you already getting into head rushes? Anyway, being in your sister’s room is like going to an amusement park for you, or something.

Oh, and we got you a new bed! You’ve slept with us pretty much your whole life, except for that week or two where you fooled us into thinking we had a use for the crib other than Laundry Receptacle. Then this awesome convertible bed came available. It turns into a daybed, so we put it together like that, and pushed it next to our bed, so there are rails on 3 sides and then our mattress on the 4th side. You can crawl out of the bed onto our bed, which is what makes this crib feel less like punishment for you. Little Dude, you spend like 2 hours a day in that bed, jumping, squealing, shaking your head until you have a buzz and have to sit down….

Memorial Day and Beach 070

The best part is, now your father and I can sleep beside each other again. Which doesn’t mean anything huge right now, but when you get older you’ll understand some things that you want to do as families depend on mom and dad being able to snuggle.

In a few months, you will be moving into our new house- our first new home that WE OWN. I’m really, really excited about going into a brand new place where we are all equal parts. Your sister can do her room exactly how she wants to- we can choose everything exactly how we want to (within our Poverty Model budget…), and of course we can decorate your room (okay it’s the guest room but maybe one day you’ll want your own) in pooh or animals or kittens or something.

Just kidding, your room is going to have a pirate theme.

You and I, we went through a rough patch there. For a while I didn’t think I was going to make the cut. You were auditioning me pretty hard, and my training for this job has been much more rigorous than the last time. All I can say is, you are lucky you shaped up before you ended up with some nice wolf family somewhere. And don’t ever do that to me again. You don’t want to be stuck at home with your dad year-round, do you? Or worse, DAY CARE? Well, I don’t want you to go to day care either. But I do want us both to survive your childhood, so be nice. And stop this best behavior for Daddy crap. Go ahead and let him have your full wrath, he can take it!

I keep calling you Tiny; it’s kind of your nickname. It’s fitting in that way that Tiny fits the bouncer at a biker bar. You’re POWERFUL, your dad says. You are definitely that. And there’s nothing tiny about you. You are a larger than life baby. Your voice is assertive and powerful- your eyes are way to deep to be the eyes of a baby- your smile belongs on billboards. You are, quite simply, perfect. When your sister was little, people would ask if I was ever going to have another. I would always reply, “of course not- how could I? I have a perfect child; there’s no way I could top her, and I wouldn’t be able to love another one nearly as much.”

And then, there you were, every bit as perfect and wonderful as your sister. And instead of my love being diluted to satisfy you both, my capacity for love doubled.

You are loved, Baby A. Thank you for being 10 months old.


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