Dear babyA- Month 7

Little One, you are 7 months old now. Over this weekend you have started to fully crawl, and you can now pull yourself up to standing if I give you my hands to hold. Your grandparents from Asheville are in town visiting us this weekend. Unfortunately a horrible stomach virus has been working its way through the household. On Thursday and Friday you were sick, Friday night Hannah got it, yesterday I was laid up all day, and late last night Mike started to go down. It’s now Sunday, your dad’s and my 1-year anniversary, and we are all worn out!

This week was the first time you’ve been really sick. You had some colds here and there over the holidays, but you’ve never thrown up before. On Friday you and I laid in bed for the entire day. You looked so forlorn and confused!

We bought you a backpack carrier, a full on hiking style contraption with lumbar support and very padded straps. Luckily it also has a sun canopy, because you refuse to wear a hat. Last weekend you spent an entire day riding in the backpack.

I caved and bought you a plastic high chair after you had a fantastic time banging toys around Conner’s chair. Of course, the same high chair at our house holds none of the allure of Conner’s. I was hoping to sometimes get 10 minutes or so at a time without holding you, so that once in a while I could fix myself a meal before 2 in the afternoon. Is this your way of protesting your all-formula diet? Dude, WE ARE NOT FEEDING YOU FOOD. You’ll just have to wait till you’re a year old like your uncle and your sister did. Your grandma says she’s going to sneak you food when we’re not looking. Well, you two work out whatever arrangement you want, but she’ll be the one changing and laundering your sold food poop diapers. And that will be the end of that experiment, I bet.

We’ve been saying for a few months now that you must be cutting teeth, since you drool like s St. Bernard, and put your mouth on literally anything you can reach with it. Toes, countertops, and the edge of the rug, the X box controllers and their cords, fingers, noses…it’s crazy. Put your money where your mouth is, already, and cut a tooth! We’re waiting and waiting, and you’re not giving us anything. You have about another week; too, before we stop making excuses about teething whenever you are acting horrible, and just start telling people you are the Spawn of Satan. Oh, and now we’re getting up at 5:45 or 6 instead of 7:00 am. I suppose you’re trying to prepare for Daylight Savings Time. Thanks for that. I’m really enjoying my early mornings. Really.

For a while there, you were sleeping in your crib, right at the end of the bed. What did we do to piss you off? All that’s over now, and you are back to wedging yourself sideways between us all night, with your feet in your dad’s chest and your head under my chin. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Family Bed.

You’ve been really stingy with the laughing. I’m letting it slide for a while because I know you’re under the weather, but I’m hoping you come out of your funk before all our company leaves. Your laugh is like audio gold. We are still inventing new foolish tricks to try, to get you going. When your sister was little we would stomp on the floor and run up to her, and she would just be hysterical with laughter. I CAN’T WAIT till we figure out what your laugh button is.

You and I will be working part time at the consignment store from now on. I was REALLY hoping that you’d enjoy your pack n’ play sport while we were at work, so that I can hang clothes and ring up customers. I suppose that would have been too easy. Into the backpack you go!

My favorite thing about this last month has been your increased vocalization and the crawling. I love to watch you concentrate so hard, when you are trying to figure out how to turn around, or back up. When you see something you want, and head towards it, even if it is 6 feet from you one of your hands will go up in the air and you’ll reach for it. You can also sit up now, which is really funny, because you can’t sit up by yourself and you can’t move to any other position when we sit you up.

You are developing so quickly now, that every day there seems to be something brand new going on. I feel like we should have a 24-hour video feed of your life. I know that one day I won’t be able to call all these memories back. I want to remember every second, every little grin and laugh and baby babble.

Happy 7 months, tiny. We love you.


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