Baby Amazon, 34 Weeks

Ed Note: The day before Avery’s birthday

Well at my appt yesterday Avery measured 38 weeks instead of the 34 weeks I am pregnant. So there will be an ultrasound and then a discussion about options if the measurement is due to her actual fetal weight (could be fluid causing the growth). SO, we might not end up at home birthing when she is ready- might end up in the hospital birthing early because she is a garganruan! We’d be disappointed, but at this point I want to meet her, and I don’t care how it comes about. I trust the midwife wouldn’t ask me to go to a hospital or be induced unless there was a real reason, so I’ll await her judgement on that and trust it when she makes one. Well know about the baby’s weight on Monday the 16th, but won’t know the game plan until the 26th when I speak to the midwife again. So stay tuned! We might be meeting baby Avery sooner than we all thought!

Nothing like a wedding, a move, a new job, and an early baby to fill up your year! Poor Michael. He’s such a sport about it all, and so is Hannah! I really love our little family unit. We’re all settling in and getting our ducks in a roww. Everyone at Michael’s school loves him (of course!). I’m going to be a volunteer up there so that he can have some help since he doesn’t get an aide- I can’t wait to see him with the little kiddies.

I’ve been trying to get control over the house. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think we might need a couple more pieces of furniture! We’re running out of bookshelf space. I guess when/if Alan moves his things off the shelves, that will take care of the issue. Right now, there is a pile of books, at least 8 of them, beside my bed and it’s driving me nuts! We’ve also got some issues with paper multiplying . Practically every surface in the bedroom has papers on it, that we can’t throw out and need to have quick access too. No place to put them, right now. Michael sauys it’s time to buy a file cabinet, and I suppose I agree. Maybe I can get that done today and surprise him.

This week’s resolution: Cook dinner every night till Saturday, and clear up Paper Mountain.


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